The Cities Of Kiowa County Kansas

Kiowa County is a small county located near the southern portion of Kansas. The entire county has a population of just over 2,500 people, which makes it one of the smallest counties in the state. Greensburg, Haviland and Mullinville are the only three official cities located in the county, but there are also two unincorporated towns called Belvidere and Wellsford.

Greensburg is the largest city in Kiowa County with a population of 777 people. Despite its small size, Greenburg is home to several of top tourist attractions in Kansas. Greenburg Read the rest of this entry »

All About The Brenham Meteor Fall

About 20,000 years ago, the giant Brenham Meteor tumbled down from the heavens and smashed into what is now the state of Kansas near the city of Haviland. This starry event cut a path one-mile wide and seven-miles long. This meteorite hit left behind more than 10-tons of meteor material that is now a collector’s item.

The Brenham Meteor is composed of rare pallasites. Pallisites are made up of see-through, translucent crystals. These specimens feature a mixture of colors, including reds, oranges and yellows mixed together with a metallic chrome and spectacular olivine. Meteorite collectors Read the rest of this entry »

Why Kiowa County Chooses to Remain A Dry County

Kiowa County is one of the least densely populated parts of the state of Kansas. The Kansas state Constitution was actually amended in the year 1986 to allow for the sale and consumption of alcohol in Kiowa County provided that the voters agreed, the county has remained dry by the choice of its own residents. Many of them feel that allowing the sale of alcohol would lead to increases of crime as well as more deaths due to drunk drivers. For the most part, Read the rest of this entry »

Moving to Haviland Kansas – Small Town, Great Home

So you have finally decided to set up your dream home in Haviland. You have set up the electricity and had the phone providers give the home a once over and have even set up the internet with or the like. Haviland is a great place to live and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that you will find a home where you can build some truly lasting memories. However, you might initially be surprised when you begin your new life in this new location and we are here to talk about why.

When you move to Haviland, Kansas, your reaction could vary depending on where exactly you are coming from. You will soon learn that Haviland is the quintessential small town that so many stories and so many movies often take place in. You will have no problem getting to know your neighbors and one of the perks of having a small town is the overall enormity of the sense of community. That in itself is priceless because real communities look out for one another and finding a place where you can truly feel like you are a part of something is both rare and absolutely invaluable.

The History of Kiowa County Kansas

Kiowa is a county located in south-central Kansas. Containing the cities of Mullinville, Havilan and the county seat, Greensburg, it is named after the Kiowa Indians. The area was first organized in 1884. The first religious meeting houses were established by the Quakers and Methodists in 1885. The first school district, in what was to become the county, was organized in Greensburg also in 1885. The county was formally established in 1886.

There are several interesting events in the county’s history. For example, some townspeople of Greensburg moved the post office from Janesville to Greensburg in the middle of the night while the postmaster was asleep inside. Points of interest in the county include the largest hand dug water well in the world. Completed in 1888, it is now a tourist attraction.

The city of Greenburg is named after a stage coach driver, D.R. “Cannonball” Green who ejected the infamous Carrie Nation from his coach when she took the cigar from his mouth. On May 4, 2007, an EF5 tornado ripped through the county and devastated the city of Greensburg. The city is rebuilding with a goal of living up to its name by using the latest in green technology.

College Sports: Barclay Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer

Kansas is blessed with many exciting and interesting activities for any individual or family to enjoy. Many individuals love watching a sporting event, especially the college variety. Fortunately for individuals who love college sports, and lives in Havilland or the surrounding area, there are many great college sporting options to be enjoyed via the Local Barclay college teams. This brief article will discuss some of the great sporting events individuals can expect to see and experience when choosing a Barclay college game.

Barclay College is home to many types of sports, one of the more popular spectator sports for the college is its basketball team. The team has a longstanding tradition of excellence and providing an amazing sporting spectacle for all who watch. The men’s team has been successful many times over the years. Be sure to grab a game whenever opportunity allows.

Another popular Barclay team sport is Volleyball. Barclay fields an impressive and fearful volleyball team. Any individual who has the pleasure to witness a Barclay volleyball match can well attest to the great team effort displayed by the Barclay team. Another great sport to watch is Soccer. Barclay is proud of the many accomplishments their soccer teams have won throughout the year. Be sure to catch a match whenever you can do so.

A Grand Tour Of Barclay College

Barclay College is a very interesting school with a rich history in religion coming from the background of the Quaker settlers in 1917. It’s the perfect kind of community school with students and staff members actually developing a family like relationship outside of the classroom.

There is a great program dedicated to studies in Bible/Theology, Business Administration, Sports and Recreational Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Psychology and Family Studies, and Nursing. If you are looking for the type of small college with a Read the rest of this entry »

Haviland: The Treats Of A Small Town

Located in eastern Kiowa County, the original buffalo hunting grounds of the Kiowa Indians, and founded in 1884, Haviland, Kansas is a small town at its best. With a population of just 624, it is the home of exclusive private Barclay College, a Quaker Friends School dating from 1892. Haviland was founded by Quakers from Indiana. The town is named for Civil War Underground Railroad activist Laura Haviland. Copies of her autobiography can be found today at the college, church and public libraries.

The Haviland area has a significant amount of meteorite deposits Read the rest of this entry »

Haviland’s Meteorite Festival: The Best Little Festival In Kansas

Being a small town, it is no wonder that Haviland is mostly known for a past visitor known as the Haviland, or Brenham, Crater. As a result of this less than 1,000 year old imprint in Kiowa County, there are meteorites spread throughout Haviland that have a home in science museums everywhere and continue to impress with their variety of unique appearances. The Haviland Meteorite Festival celebrates the event that contributed to putting Haviland on the map.

The festival occurs annually in July of each year. An important part of the festival is, of course, the meteorite digs where Read the rest of this entry »

A Historical Look At Barclay College

Located in the small town of Haviland, Kansas lies the campus of Barclay College. What began as a small, Quaker high school with a strong Christian mission in the early 1900′s, has since become a successful four year institution today. The founding father, evangelist and professor, Scott T. Clark, has been fortunate to have a lasting vision for this school. He hoped to provide a Bible Training school for his pupils and his dreams continue to be fulfilled.

In the 1920′s and 1930 Read the rest of this entry »

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